Shandong Haidike Medical Products Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of medical consumables enterprises. We have CE, FDA, ISO and CFDA certification. RTMED has registered as Madrid trademark. The main products are absorbable surgical suture with needle (Plain / Chromic Catgut, PGA, PDO, PGLA, PGCL, etc.), non-absorbable surgical suture with needle (Silk, Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene etc.),surgical needle (300SS and 400SS Series), lifting threads for beauty, medical mask, wheelchair, orthopedic casting tapes & splints, polypropylene meshes, Pet medical products and so on.





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Haidike Medical is a manufacturer of surgical suture in China, mainly including PGA suture, PGLA suture, PDO suture, catgut suture, silk suture, nylon suture, polypropylene suture and polyester suture. Haidike medical suture needles has obtained CE 2292, ISO 13485 and other qualification certification.


Bandage And Splint

Polymer bandage and polymer splint play a role of fixation in orthopedics. The products are easy to operate, waterproof, breathable and light in weight. Haidike Medical also produces elastic bandage, self-adhesive bandage, gauze bandage and other products.

Bandage And Splint

Isolation And Protection Products

Haidike Medical is an enterprise on the "double white" list exported by the Ministry of Commerce and a key producer of epidemic prevention materials. The main protective products are medical masks, protective clothing, isolation gown, isolation shoe covers, medical caps, goggles and other products.

Isolation And Protection Products

Beauty Needle

Lifting thread for beauty is a fashion trend in the medical and aesthetic industry in recent years. Beauty needle buries absorbable PDO or PCL lifting thread into the skin tissue layer, then stimulates the skin to produce collagen. After decomposition, there will be no residue. It has the functions of wrinkle relief, tension lifting, shaping and breast enlargement.

Beauty Needle

Medical Consumables

Hernia repair mesh is woven from polypropylene material, also known as polypropylene mesh, which is a medical consumables for the treatment of abdominal hernia. Haidike automatic polypropylene mesh production line can produce a variety of hernia repair mesh.

Medical Consumables

Health Care Equipment

The Health care equipment produced by Haidike Medical mainly includes electric wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, walking AIDS, crutches, armpit staffs, walking tools for the elderly, etc. All wheelchair products can be folded.

Health Care Equipment


PCL Lifting Thread

PCL lifting thread is a kind of absorbable embedding line made of white PCL, which is buried under the surface of skin through needles.

PDO lifting thread

PDO lifting thread is a kind of line that can improve relaxed skin. The PDO lifting thread is embedded under the skin tissue to enhance the skin, promote the growth of collagen, remove wrinkles and brighten the skin.

Embedding Thread

Embedding thread is an absorbable medical suture, it can be embedded into the corresponding skin tissue parts by needle, which can achieve a certain therapeutic effect.

VSORB Beauty Needle

VSORB is made of a polydioxanone (PDO) lifting thread and two sharp needles. VSORB can beautify eyebrows, eliminate wrinkles and make eyes bigger.

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